Brand representation is an integral part of the brand cycle and should begin as soon as the brand is designed and developed. We create innovative strategies to maximize value and ensure long-term success of your Brand in India.
India is a land of business opportunities, international companies have a great ability to thrive in India with emerging technology and the developing economy. At Indian Nexus, provides business representation to the overseas corporations comprising forming to tailor made solutions of the specific purpose as per marketing need to establish in India. We help Brand Representation in India through an effective means of communication between the international clientele and the Indian government. Our business involves enabling International businesses to outline their ‘India Entry Strategy’ and Execution to perfection. We regularly serve the client business requirements include to become AIR (Authorised India Representative), distributor identification, appointment & management, market & feasibility research, formation of a liaison & branch office and company structuring & formation. India Representation Company acts as a bridge international companies ensuring they accustom to local conditions with minimum cost and risk while enabling them to swiftly and effectively establish local presence in India.

We can help you decide which vehicle would fit to enter the Indian market. Whether a liaison office was sufficient or whether your company needed to establish a branch or project office or register as a subsidiary in India to achieve its goals. Once your entry strategy in India has been formulated and you are now ready to officially register your company in India, Indian Nexus offers a complete package of services for a fast and trouble-free establishment.
Our services include:
  • Business Licensing Support for IT & Electronic Industry
  • Liaison with Government Offices for License / Registration / Approval
  • Local establishment support for the new ventures in India
We at Indian Nexus, assist foreign companies with vivid objective to strengthen their brand representation in India. With years of experience in India we formulate your India strategy based on thorough research covering consumers, competitors and distributors & retailers.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services aimed at quick and seamless establishment of your company in India.